Steps By Steps Diy Curtain Rods

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Diy Curtain Rods Tree Branch

For diy curtain rods, starting with measure the width of the window. For a window curtain rod, extend a tape measure from the outside edge of the window or its frame to the opposite without edge. To have the curtain pole extend beyond the frame of the additional light blocking, privacy and isolation. Add 6 inches to the measurement of the length of the curtain pole. Buy cut-to-for bamboo or wooden piles. Buy two finials for each rod to window curtain bars.

Sand ends of these diy curtain rods. Use a soft cloth to apply the paint oil sparingly to the length of the rod and ending in the finish color you prefer. Use a drop of lacquer oil on the size of a quarter. Add more if needed. Let refinishing the oil to soak in and dry for an entire day. Mark the center of the rod ends, if you want to attach a finial to a wooden curtain rod. Measure the diameter of the rod across one end and split the measurement in half to mark the center. Repeat on the other end of the rod.

Hand turns the finial’s screw threads at the end of the curtain pole at the pencil mark. Turn it over to the side as far as you can, so pack finial in a cloth to protect the finish. Grip the finial at its base, opposite its screw. And continuing the screw finial in the rod end until the finial base is flush with the end of the rod. Repeat this procedure on the other end with matching finial. Let these bamboo diy curtain rods unadorned, if you wish.

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