How To Renew Metal Dining Chair By Paint

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Metal Dining Chair Target

Metal Dining Chair – If you cannot stand the look of those, metal chairs worn without shine for longer. Get a few cans of paint and give them a makeover. In just a couple of days, those old chairs look so good and new. A new coat of paint on furniture can do wonders to fix the style of a room. Or add a new color to the spicy decor. Painting metal chairs is a low budget project. That does not require any special maintenance personal knowledge, just a little effort.

Sand your metal dining chair with an electric palm sander. Clean your chairs well with an ammonia-based window cleaner and a cloth. Spray and clean it from top to bottom, including below. Point the nozzle on the first chair you are going to paint, holding the can about 10 to 14 inches away from the chair. Press the spout and at the same time start moving the can on the back and forward sweeping movements. Sweep back and forth to start the top of the chair and work your way to the bottom of a light coat of paint.

Walk around the metal dining chair and repeat the sweeping movements of paint from the back. Do not stop or slow down your arm at any time, as it will result in uneven coverage and drips. Let the first chair dry and move on to your other chairs, spray painting with the same sweeping motion, front and back. Wait about 20 to 30 minutes before taking the chairs from the second coat of paint, front and back, using the same sweeping movements. Allow the second coat to dry completely.

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