Original Idea Arched Window Curtain Rod

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Arched Window Curtain Rod Bedroom

Looking for an original idea to arched window curtain rod? Below, we offer the most original decorations for window. A floor-length curtain on a rod mounted on top of the wall provides another option for dressing an arched window. Because the curtains are mounted above and to the sides of the arch, it remains visible during the day when the curtains are open. The arch is then hidden in the night the curtains are closed.

Arched window curtain rod or blinds, however, can be mounted under the privacy arch, so that the curtains can be left open and the arch can be exposed at all times. On a practical note, the curtains can be functional, eliminating the need to use curtains or blinds. It can also be mounted on a decorative rod, such as stationary panels used together with curtains or blinds.

For a casual look or bistro, Monte Cafe curtains halfway down the rectangular part of an arched window. Lightweight cotton fabric shortened to rings glides over a simple iron or brass arched window curtain rod. This option is ideal for arched windows in a breakfast room or kitchen. The coffee curtains give a bistro atmosphere, allowing diners to enjoy the outside view while retaining some privacy.

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