Car Window Curtains Best Innovation

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Car Window Curtains Shades

Car Window Curtains – There are still cars with sheet metal inner lining: on the one hand the Volkswagen vans. But also the models Caddy, Kangoo, Partner, etc. In particular, families are probably annoyed that these cars do not have sunscreens as standard and that the accessory parts are expensive or, often, impractical. Placing bars for the curtains in a caravan without having to pierce the inner lining is very easy with Supermagnete.

The main advantage is that car window curtains can be assembled and disassembled safely without leaving any remains or scratches. The bamboo cane can be drilled very easily. The angle of the perforation must be chosen according to the inclination of the inner lining. With screws of the appropriate size, the magnets are placed in a container with an internal thread on the shaft. In addition, in the center.

And on the lower edge of the curtain magnets have been sewed almost invisibly. To be able to tighten the fabric by the sides and by the hem. When this protection is not needed, the curtains can easily be folded up or removed altogether. From car window curtains, which are usually installed in the windows of the rear seats. To curtains for caravans, motorhomes, and vans, used to avoid prying eyes to the interior. As well as to prevent the sun from penetrating in the moments of rest.

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